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How Will Your Parenting Change This Year?


The New Year rolled in sometime last night between diaper changes. I think I missed that it was time until the sound of gun shots rang out waking baby Bear. I did not have much time to reflect upon the year or plan this one. Nope I was to busy in survival mode trying to […]

Little Adventures: The Paint Thief


Being a toddler in a homeschool family is tough. Everyone expects you to know so much. Every time I turn around someone is telling me things like “This is yellow. Say yellow!” Sometimes I just want to SCREAM! Sometimes I do. I Don’t know how to say a lot of words yet but, I just […]


Simple Life

This year my word was SIMPLE. It will be the same again for 2015. Why simple? Well as a reminder that I do not need extravagance or a million things going on for the sake of being busy. Life does not need to be complicated. And once you give up the craziness of the world […]

A Nesting Guide for Men


What is Nesting? Nesting is the term used to refer to an expectant mother’s instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home. This can range from simple folding of baby clothes to scrubbing anything that sits still to long. Some women find themselves […]

Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Crock-pot Recipe


Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Crock-pot Recipe great for people that Do Not like Sauerkraut It’s Apple week at Upside Down Kids and we want to share some great recipes with you. What comes to my mind when I think of cooking with Apples are things like apple pie and other desserts but one of my […]

Raise Healthy Kids with the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle FREE

Hurry on over to get the Ultimate healthy living bundle FREE

In today’s world it is hard to raise healthy kids. With GMOs, pesticides, and toxic chemicals at every turn parents find themselves at a loss as to what they can do to keep their children healthy. As parents every single choice we make affects our kids in this upside down world. A really cool new […]

Teaching Children about Honesty w/ Free Printable

Teaching Children about Honesty

 Honesty When it comes Character traits you want to teach your child this is most likely at the top of your list.  As parents it is our job to teach our children to be honest with others. What is honesty? Honesty is telling the truth and acting truthfully. What does the bible say about Honesty? Proverbs […]

Sensory Sand Calming Recipe

Sensory Sand Calming Recipe

As we start our Ocean Unit Study I find myself hunting down good Sensory activities for the kids to go with it.  The little benefit in the usual ways, motor skills, and general development. But, my oldest is ADHD and sensory activities are one of the ways we control it.  They give her body an […]

Free Preschool Letter A Print Pack With ASL

Its that time of year and we are all getting back into teaching the littles. For some of us a new little is joining our classrooms.  We have provided another Free resource for your preschool child. Unlike many other letter packs we decided to add a bit of American Sign Language to this series of […]

Common Core Saves American Education

Common Core Saves American Education

I sit here and think to myself. What is with all of this protesting of Common Core Standards. Really what is the issue with it. In fact Common Core has done amazing things for our country and education system. Teachers have been relieved of the burden of teaching children things of interest leaving them with […]