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Tools for Bloggers: Genesis

Tools for Bloggers: Genesis

If you have blogged for a while you have probably heard of Genesis Framework.  You have probably hear a lot of good things about it. There is a reason.  Here is a few. Genesis eliminates the need for many plug ins or risking playing with code to make the changes you use plug-ins for. Built in security […]

5 Ways to Earn Money Blogging

5 ways to make money blogging

We could all use some extra money these days  and blogging is a great way to earn money while doing something you love.  Share knowledge.  Talk about life.  Share books you love.   The list of things you can do with a blog goes on and on.  The earning money part can be a bit […]

How to Make the Best Pancakes Ever

How to make the best pancakes ever

Need a plan for breakfast? If you’re looking for an idea for breakfast tomorrow how about some soft fluffy sweet pancakes that make your mouth water for more? Try these pancakes and tips to make them just right. Recipe for the fluffiest, sweetest, tastiest pancakes. 2 cups flour of choice 4 tbsp. sugar or other […]

Field Trip: Henry P Lau Gardens FL

Henry P Lau Gardens Orlando FL

One of our favorite stops in Orlando is the Henry P Lau Gardens. The beautiful gardens are a treasure trove of learning opportunities and beauty. The large gardens includes many structures of the original property as well as a museum making this a great living history field trip. The first Monday of every month the […]

Time Management Keep Calm

Keep Calm

Sometimes things happen.  Those things always seam to take up all our time and energy.  We fall behind and we freak out.  We spent the week talking about how to manage our time, but the fact is that we can not always control what happens in our day.  The cable guy doesn’t show up on […]

Time Management Get Things Done Faster

Get things done faster

So we talked about figuring out the daily things that have to be done. We talked about the things that suck away at our time. Today we are going to talk about how to make more time. This is one thing I truly love to do and some of my friends find the amount of […]

Get a Free Open Heart Necklace

Free Heart Necklace

Get this open heart necklace free from if you are a new member. No creadit card needed. This is a great freebie to put in your gift closet for later. Our oldest will be getting it for her Birthday this year. $30 value. Shipping is free as well. —–> Get It Now <—– While […]

Winn Dixie: Crest and Personal Care Deal You Can’t Miss w/Coupon Match Up

Big Winn Dixie deal with printable coupon match up

This deal is easy you will need your Winn Dixie card and the following coupons you can print at home. Buy two Crest Be Inspired toothpaste for $8.98. Use 2 – $1 off one coupons Get one Oral-B Toothbrush free Get one Old spice deodorant free. Use 1- $1 off ONE Old Spice coupon Get […]

Time Management Find your Time Leeches

Find your time leeches

Yesterday we figured out how much time we need to get our average daily duties done. Today we are going to figure out what sucks up that extra time because lets faced it when was the last time you seen that extra time you have in your day? Yeah I thought so. Why is it […]

Time Management Daily To-do List

Find tie with a daily to-do list

Today I would like to discuss the many things you must do everyday.  We all have things that need done daily, Lessons with the kids, clean the house, work, whatever it is you have something.  Odds are if you really think about it you have many somethings.  You only have so much time to complete […]