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Green Eggs and Ham Grow With Me Game

This Game Is Great for Parents, Teachers, And Homeschool Families

Green eggs and ham grow with me game

Learn to read with fun games

Many children learn best hands on really getting into lessons. This game allows your child to manipulate the words in the book Green Eggs and Ham gaining such a familiarity with the 50 Unique words that they can read with speed and accuracy growing confident in their reading skills.

Free Printable or Handmade Game

Want to skip the work?  We now have a printable PDF free for you to use Download Here.  I recommend printing on card stock so the words do not show through for the memory match game


Green Eggs and Ham is a beloved children’s story but it is also a great tool for teaching young readers. The limited selection of words (Only 50 Unique words) helps your child become familiar with the words in the story and build confidence while reading. Here is a game you can make at home that will grow with your child.

Print above or Make it yourself:

What you need:
White paper
Green paper

You will need more paper for bigger size eggs. I got 9 eggs per sheet of 8×11 construction paper. The yolks took 3 and a half sheets.

How To make a Green Eggs and Ham Game

Free form draw a nice size fried egg white. Ours where about 2.5×4 inches cut and trace to make more. You will need 100 of these so go ahead and put your little helper to work. Create ovals from the green paper and glue them on to the egg whites. (This is a great job for your child. Use your marker to write two each of the following words.

a am and anywhere are be boat box car could dark do eat eggs fox goat good green ham here house I if in let like may me mouse not on or rain Sam say see so thank that the them there they train tree try will with would you

Now you’re ready for the fun.


GAME 1: Memory match.

Start with the easier words and progressively add harder ones.
This game will help with word recognition and you can gradually add a time limit.


GAME 2: Build the book

Have your child build sentences from the book. This will help build confidence when reading the book alone or out loud.


GAME 3: Build your own sentences

A more advanced reader will enjoy seeing how many sentences they can come up with using the 50 unique words Dr. Seuss did. WARNING adults may become addicted to this challenge as well. Hmmm sounds like a good thing to me.

What games do you play to encourage reading skills?




  1. Such a cute game!!

  2. Since my kids are a bit older I might do this with harder words. Such a great idea for them to build their vocabulary while having fun. Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Thank you and this set is a hit with my young reader. Granted I did not have a computer when I originally made I spent a lot of time going why did my computer have to break i could be making this a printable.

  3. Thanks for this idea, maybe my son will like learning to spell words this way as he loves Dr. Seuss books!

  4. Cute ideal. I might do with with My daughter

  5. Love the new name! And this is a great game!

  6. I love this! One of my favorite children’s books.

  7. I am going to send this to my SIL, she is a teacher and loves ideas like this!

  8. Great job on the game!


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