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Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Crock-pot Recipe

Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Crock-pot Recipe great for people that Do Not like Sauerkraut

Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Crock-pot Recipe great for people that Do Not like Sauerkraut

It’s Apple week at Upside Down Kids and we want to share some great recipes with you. What comes to my mind when I think of cooking with Apples are things like apple pie and other desserts but one of my favorite apple recipes is something a friend of mine’s mother made for me once, Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut. Now I know this sounds terrible and some of you may say “oh sauerkraut? Yuck!” but once you try it this recipe will change your minds! I make this all the time and my husband hates sauerkraut and he eats it without a problem. My Uncle can’t even stand the smell and when he tried it he had seconds! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! I promise if you give it a chance you will love it!

Crock-pot Recipe Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut

1 lb. Polish sausage links
3-15 oz. cans of sauerkraut drained and rinsed
4-6 Small apples (I used Macintosh because it’s my favorite)
¾ cup brown sugar
4 Tbs. butter


1. Wash apples, core, and slice.

2. Drain sauerkraut and rinse really well. This step is key to get rid of the sour flavor.

3. Put sauerkraut, polish sausage, and apple slices into Crock-Pot

4. Sprinkle brown sugar on top of all ingredients.

5. Slice butter into half tbs. chunks and spread out over top of brown sugar.

6. Cover with lid cook 4 hours on high.


Sweet Sausage and Sauerkraut Crock-pot Recipe


Do you like sauerkraut?


  1. We haven’t had sauerkraut since we visited Germany 3 years ago. This sounds delicious – I’ll have to try it! :)
    Michelle recently posted…Technique … Thursday? Clipping Masks Tutorial – Paint.NET / PicMonkeyMy Profile

  2. I do not care for sauerkraut. :P I wonder if my husband would like it, though.
    Allie @ The Practically Green Mom recently posted…The Family Bed – Are You In or Out?My Profile

  3. I LOVE sauerkraut! I could eat it cold. lol
    But, no one else in my family is very fond of it so I wonder if this would be a great way to add it into our meal list? It’s worth a shot.
    Missy Homemaker recently posted…We Blew No Spend Month…Oops.My Profile

    • I really think it might! Like I said everyone that has told me they don’t like sauerkraut loves this recipe. So I hope your family loves it.

  4. Oh boy, my hubby would love this. I’ll have to remember it when St. Patrick’s Day comes around :)
    Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies recently posted…Try something new Thursday: butternut squashMy Profile

  5. I love sauerkraut. I have to have it on my hotdogs whenever we go to the fair, amusement park, you name it. Never thought about doing a crockpot recipe. Thanks for sharing.
    Growing Up Madison recently posted…Put Me In The Story Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  6. I love the idea of putting apples with sauerkraut!\
    Apple week! Loving it!
    Jill recently posted…What Keeps You In Debt?My Profile

  7. I really do not like sauerkraut, but Hubby has been asking for it. I’ll pin this and just maybe make it for him…
    Scarlett recently posted…Heirloom CookingMy Profile

  8. I do not like sauerkraut at all, but my husband loves it. I need to try this recipe – if nothing else, he will eat it until it’s gone!
    Kecia recently posted…Speaking Up About the Blackberry Mini Stereo SpeakerMy Profile

  9. I love it. The last time I had it was in Prague, wayyy to long ago. Is it bad that I am salivating just thinking about it? :-)

    Have you tried kimchi?

  10. I like sauerkraut anyway – I’m originally from Czech republic, so remember having it quite often. Your recipe looks good – can’t wait to try it later on! My favourite food with sauerkraut is white sauerkraut soup with cream, dash of lemon & vinegar, potatoes, sausages and anything else you want to put in it. It’s really filling.

  11. I am German, I like sauerkraut. This is a new twist I would have never thought about!
    Due to my hubs not eating pork, suggestions for what beef I can throw in there instead of the links?
    Sandra recently posted…Wednesday#2My Profile

    • actually chicken sausage would probably go well if he eats that. I’m not really sure what beef would go with it. The sausage gets really tender. It would need to be something that would stay tender and soak up the apple-y flavor.

  12. I am one of the only people in my family who truly loves sauerkraut. This is my kind of recipe, and I have made something similar to it in the past. I just may have to make it again! Thanks for sharing!
    Ruth Hill recently posted…This Day in History September 11, 2001My Profile

  13. We love sauerkraut and never need a reason to cook it. We love trying new recipes and I will be sure to pass this on to my wife. Thanks!

  14. Sounds great! My husband often isn’t a fan of sweet and savory, but this sounds like one that has a chance of success. Adding to my “to make” list now!
    Sarah @ HelpMeet Your Goals recently posted…On goal setting and habit formationMy Profile

  15. This is such a great recipe. I love anything that goes in my crock pot so i will have to put this in our rotation for sure!! Thanks for such a great post!

  16. I actually like sauerkraut, but this sounds amazing too. Thanks for the yummy looking fall recipe!

  17. I love to simmer polish sausage with sauerkraut on game day. I’m the only one in the family who will go near the stuff, however. I wonder, if I made this on the sly; could I slip it in under their picky noses? Worth a shot – it sounds excellent!
    Ryan recently posted…Jake Rocks Metallica!My Profile

  18. We love sauerkraut in our family! I actually made a dish very similar to this for a church gathering a few years ago and got so many compliments on it. Rinsing the kraut really does help! I’m looking forward to trying out this recipe with the crockpot :)
    Erin @ My Mommy World recently posted…Enter to win Kid-Friendly Tablet Accessories from KiteReaders and get a Free eBook!My Profile

  19. do you use red, green, or yellow apples?

    do you think i could cook it for 8 hours on low, if i work all day?

    • Oh of course you can cook it on low for 8 hours. it would probably be best that way. and I think that red apples would be best but use whatever you are a fan of!

  20. I love the idea of adding apples to this. I will definitely give it a try.

  21. I love sauerkraut but I am not a fan of crock pot cooking. However, this recipe is interesting and is worth a try! Thanks for posting.

  22. I really dislike Sauerkraut…the smell, taste, everything! I don’t know if I am brave enough for this one. Something my husband would probably like, though.
    Wendy recently posted…10 Tips for RemodelingMy Profile

  23. Ive never had Sauerkaut… Looks interesting. Will add to the list of new recipes to try.

  24. I have only liked it on hot dogs before. I think the rinsing the kraut will be the trick for me. I am trying this next week.
    Peggy recently posted…Share Your World – 2013 Week 31My Profile

  25. I love sauerkraut and love it cooked with pork chops. And this one sounds so good. I will have to try to make it.
    Norma Kay Lawson Neal recently posted…Almost ParadiseMy Profile

  26. I looooove sauerkraut! I am going to make this recipe for sure! Thank you for sharing!
    Rant Relief recently posted…A Boat For ChristmasMy Profile

  27. This sounds interesting. I am going to have to try and hook this up for my husband. seems like a good meal on a cold day…
    lynnette recently posted…Eat Candy for BreakfastMy Profile

  28. I have emailed my hubby in the hopes that he will let me make this. i misss polish food, my mom used to make a mean dish similar to this. must try it!

  29. This looks delicious and I’m going to have to try. I’m surprised by using the apples but I’m sure it gives it a little more of that sweet taste. Thanks for sharing!
    Britney @ The Princess & Her Cowboys recently posted…Guest Post at Domestic SuperheroMy Profile

  30. I have never tried it but if you are telling me to drown it in butter, apples and brown sugar it sounds pretty tasty.

  31. Interesting! I’m not a fan of sauerkraut, but this recipe has got me curious! However, I’m a vegetarian. Is sauerkraut ever paired with something other than meat?
    Lindsey recently posted…Green Bachelorette BashMy Profile

    • Honestly this recipe would probably be great without sausage. and you could pair it with something else. Try it out and see what you like! Cooking is like arts and crafts but with food! :)

  32. It’s lunch time here as I read it and now I’m craving for some Sauerkraut! LOL! It seems fairly easy to make but I don’t have a talent in the kitchen. So, I think I’ll just ask help from my husband chef! :)

  33. Actually, I do not like sauerkraut. I think the reason was I used to work for a store chain, and every time they would have something for the employees (like a holiday party or employee appreciation day), we would have hot dogs and sauerkraut. They were not German, but Jewish (not that it even mattered).This dish sounds delicious
    Patricia recently posted…World Market: Store of the month: part 2-PillowsMy Profile

  34. I LOVE sauerkraut! I do my German heritage proud! lol This also looks like an amazing recipe! Since I’m the only one in our family that seems to like sauerkraut as it is, this might go over well with everybody else, too! I pinned it as a “want to try it.” Yum!
    Emilee recently posted…Maggie Bags Giveaway (ends 10/1)My Profile

  35. My family just hasn’t grasped the texture or taste of sauerkraut; however, this recipe may be just the thing I needed to make them try something new and possibly incorporate it into our meals, at least every now and again. Thank you for the wonderful recipe, I am always looking for a good crockpot meal.
    Ms. Nix recently posted…PoliTalk: Mass Shootings – Is America Desensitized to Violence?My Profile

  36. I would be the one that you mentioned – I don’t like it. My husband spent a couple of years in Germany and he loves it. I am interested in trying this though because of all your encouragement! I really believe that some recipes can change my mind and dislikes if they are the right ingredients! I will let your know!
    Sandra recently posted…What do your kids really want for dinner?My Profile

  37. This makes me want to pull out the crock pot and get some sauerkraut going right now. YUMMY!
    Jamie (Mama.Mommy.Mom.) recently posted…Lala-Oopsies: A Sew Magical Tale {DVD Review and Giveaway} #ENMNetwork (Sponsored)My Profile

  38. I’ve never been a sauerkraut person, but this recipe does sound like it has a nice twist with the apples! Would have never thought of that!
    Ana @MommysBundle recently posted…5 Signs Your Baby Has Become a ToddlerMy Profile

  39. I’ve never had sauerkraut, but have always wanted to try it. I’m not sure if I can roll with it with apples for the first try. It does look good, though. I love to use the crock pot, so I just might try it one day. I pinned it to my Pinterest board.


  40. Are you for real about the whole not liking sauerkraut thing? I don’t know if I believe it…
    M@SSBD recently posted…31 Day Challenge {Day 17}My Profile

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